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Anyone else seen this CNN Article?


This is not a very good article. It's full of sensationalist garbage and misinformation while bashing on Nintendo. For one, the 3DS is doing just fine both in and out of Japan. In fact, it has been and is continuing to pick up steam. Also, they're touting a secondary service that Nintendo is going to offer for the Wii U as if it's supposed to be a system seller. They also ignore the fact that pretty much EVERY CONSOLE EVER has had a poor lineup of games immediately after launch. Lastly, they're touting the PS4 and the Durango as if they're the best consoles on the market and are blowing Nintendo out of the water...even though they haven't been released yet...


That being said, they do make some good points. Nintendo's online offering up until now has been pretty poor. While there was nothing inherently bad about the Wii's online service, it didn't really offer anything. Their current service for the Wii U is a huge improvement, but it's something that should have been in place with the Wii. Also, I agree that their digital distribution service could be a bit better. They need to start offering better sales and selling digital retail games at a lower price than their physical counterparts (or, again, sales).

Actually, that was the only part of the article that was spot on. Also, Nintendo will not sell on smart phones. Ever. It's a poor business move that WILL cannibalize their handheld sales. It may not be huge, but it will have an effect.

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