Dyram - The Emerald Blade

Good morning, everyone! I think Swan has been busy lately, so no one has posted a proper BAO in a while, so I figured I'd do one in her place.


My BAO? Fucking kinja at my work. Seriously. I had this great picture of a cat sticking its tongue out, which was PERFECT for a BAO header image, and now I'm not even sure if it's going to post. You know what? I should actually be happy about this (but I'm not) because it actually gave me something to BAO about aside from how crappy Mondays are.

Not to sound like Garfield or anything (god dammit, these references make the picture even MORE relevant), but Mondays suck. Hard. They are my busiest day of the week, by far, and there are SO many games I could be playing right now. Seriously, I have too much in my backlog.


Now that I'm freeform BAOing at this point, fuck the Captain Toad end game. I have, literally, five missions left in the whole game. I've gotten all the gems and stamps on every level. You know what I have to do now? Collect 5,000 coins in an endless dungeon without dying. Not exactly a HARD challenge, but an incredibly tedious and annoying one. It will take me at least 20 minutes of solid playing to get that many coins. Probably. Assuming I don't die. It's not even FUN. You're just running around in a maze, avoiding bad guys and mummies. The mummies follow you around like your tail in Snake, so you have to avoid them when backtracking. Ugh.

So, yeah. BAO. Have fun with it.

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