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Get your Photoshop hats on, because we're bringing it back, baby! Behold your muse for the Open Forum Painting of the month.


Here's how this will work, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take this image and shop the heck out of it. Feel free to use the setting and people in it as you see fit to create your own custom Photoshop masterpiece. If we like what you've done, we'll feature it as the header image for the Open Forum!

A copy of this image will be kept on my blog under the TAYPHOTOSHOP tag. Just submit your entry under my post for the current month under TAYPHOTOSHOP tag to be considered for the contest. We will use the base image for the entirety of the month, and on the last day of each month, we'll ask you to submit a new base public domain image to use for Photoshopping.


The more submissions we get, the more artists we'll get to feature during the month, so get shopping!

*Note: Please include a link to where the image is stored. It can be very difficult to get a full-sized image from the comments of this site with the new format.

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